Dow AgroSciences is one of the current leaders in the international cereal market. This is thanks to their research they, that they have been able to discover and develop three of the ten main active ingredients that make up cereal herbicides, including fluroxypyr, florasulam and pyroxsulam.


On the basis of these active elements, they have been able to develop a series of products formulated with the purpose of being a support for the farmers in the elimination of broadleaf weeds and herbs in winter and spring cereals.

In pursuit of improvements that provide new advances and more optimal solutions for today’s growing world, Dow AgroSciences works on herbicide development with as an active ingredient, thus offering an innovative product that helps farmers, giving them greater efficiency compared to limited natural resources.

The herbicide Zypar is a great fighter against a diversity of broadleaf scrubs that affect the winter and spring cereals. Its formula combines two active ingredients, Arylex and Florasulam in an OD formulation (Arylex 6 g ae / L + florasulam 5 g ai / L + cloquintocet-mexil 6 g ma / L). Currently Zypar is registered in Denmark, however, it is expected that soon to be registered in other countries by the end of 2016.

Key Benefits of Zypar
• Zypar provides advanced post-emergence control against the occurrence of various types of broadleaf weeds, including Stellaria media, Matricaria spp, Papaver rhoea, Galium aparine, Brassica spp., Geranium spp., Lamium spp. Centaurea cyanus, Chenopodium album, Fumaria officinalis, Galeopsis tetrahit and Polygonum convolvulus.
• This herbicide works through two modes of action, making it an ideal tool to boost farmers’ struggle against weeds.
• Provides full and balanced control over weeds even when applied in variable climatic conditions (cold or hot, humid or dry).
• This herbicide acts with reliable selectivity over a wide variety of cereal stages, from BBCH 23 to BBCH 45 for use in autumn and spring.
• Its application is at low rates so the load of this herbicide on the environment is extremely low.
• Accelerated degradation on the soil and plant tissues, allowing the flexibility of crop rotation.

Pixxaro EC
Pixxaro EC is a potent herbicide that combines two active ingredients, Arylex and fluroxypyr in an EC formulation (Arylex 12 g ae / L + fluroxypyr 280 g ae / L + cloquintocet-mexyl 12 g ma / L). Currently this herbicide is already registered in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Denmark, however, will be extending the records of this product in other countries of the European Union.

Key Benefits of Pixxaro EC
• Provides advanced post-emergence control over a wide range of broadleaf weeds that often cause crop problems, including Stellaria media, Lamium amplexicaule, Galium aparine, Polygonum convolvulus, Kochia scoparia, Chenopodium album, Galeopsis tetrahit , Papaver rhoeas, Fumaria officinalis and Amaranthus retroflexus.
• This herbicide works with two modes of action, making it a fundamental tool to support farmers’ struggle against the emergence and resistance of weeds.
• Its selectivity is highly effective over a wide variety of winter and spring cereal stages.
• Degradation on the soil and plant tissues is rapid, giving the soil the flexibility needed for crop rotation.
• The environmental and toxicological profile of Pixxaro EC is totally favorable.
• Its compatibility of tank mix with graminicidal herbicides and insecticides is widely acceptable.
• It is a non-volatile herbicide, which makes it not harmful to adjacent crops.

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